Packaging Migration and Food Contact Testing Lab

Packaging Migration and Food Contact Testing Lab
Product Description

Packaging Migration and Food Contact Testing Lab

  1. Overall migration testing according

  2. Specific migration testing according

  3. Extractables and leachables testing

  4. IFS packaging migration testing

  5. Testing according to European Pharacopeia& FDA

  6. Testing according other national standards France, Germany, Netherlands etc.

  7. Expertise on plastics, paper, cardboard, ceramics, etc.

  8. Determination of residual content in packaging

  9. Active and intelligent packaging materials food contact

  10. Food Package Expertise

  11. Physical testing of packaging materials

  12. Packaging Permeability

  13. PET and rPET testing

  14. BRC/IOP services

  15. Hot- tack testing

  16. Bisphenol A testing

  17. Packaging odour and taste identification

  18. Toxics in packaging materials

  19. Heavy Metals in Packaging Materials

  20. Plasticizers in Packaging Materials

  21. Chemical testing Packaging Materials

  22. Organoleptic testing

  23. Compliance of Materials for Drinking and Potable Water


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