Microbiological Testing Services

Microbiological Testing Services
Service Description

Microbiological Testing Laboratory

Microbiological Tests on Cosmetics, Perfumes and Essential Oils

  1. Microbial counts on cosmetics

  2. Preservative efficacy

  3. Microbial counts on perfumes

  4. Microbial counts on essential oils

Microbiological Tests on Pharmaceuticals

  1. Microbial count

  2. Preservative efficacy

  3. Microbioassay of antibiotics

Cosmetics and Pharmaceuticals

  1. Bacterial count

  2. Yeast & Mould

  3. Coliforms

  4. Osmophilic yeasts

  5. Total Plate Count

  6. Streptococci (faecal)

  7. Enterobacteriaceae

  8. Clostridium

  9. Pseudomonas aeruginosa

  10. Salmonella

  11. Staphylococcus (coagulase producing strains)

  12. Antibiotics (presence of, including assays)

  13. Efficacy of ethylene oxide sterilization cycles with biological indicators (sporestrips)

  14. Preservative efficacy


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