Herbal Product Testing Services

Herbal Product Testing Services
Herbal Product Testing Services
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    Service Description

    We Have Testing Expertise in Offering World Class Herbal Product Testing Services.

    All Types of Material Testing Services Facility is Available in Our Laboratory.

    Based in Ahmedabad, Gujarat, we are best known for offering excellent Herbal Product Testing Services. We are offering these services in cosmetic and medical industry for inspecting the quality and therapeutic values of various herbs. Our appointed highly experienced team of personnel is capable of testing the quality of various kinds of herbs on standard parameters. These Herbal Product Testing Services are rendered at competitive rates.

    Features :

    • Checks the medicinal properties of herbs
    • Carried out in our well equipped laboratories
    • Rendered under the guidance of experts

    Food, Farm and Herbal Products

    The section dealing with the food and farm products focuses on the following thrust areas :

    • Quality evaluation of various raw and processed food products
    • Quality evaluation of food additives and food packaging materials
    • Method development and validation of analytical techniques
    • Studies on product differentiation
    • Shelf life / stability studies of products at both ambient and accelerated conditions
    • Inspection and certification of product quality
    • Certification of packaging materials for food products
    • Certification of materials used for serving food products
    • Certification of organic food
    • Evaluation of contaminants in foods
    • Development of food products for special purpose
    What are the various categories of food products usually analysed at J.K.LABORATORY ?
    • Functional foods
    • Milk and dairy products
    • Spices and Condiments
    • Raw and processed fruits and vegetables
    • Cereals and pulses
    • Sugar and confectionery
    • Food additives
    • Vegetable oils and fats
    • Alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages
    • Meat and meat products
    • Egg and poultry products
    • Food packaging materials
    • Marine products
    • Beverages including alcoholic

    What do you mean by quality of food ?
    Quality of food can be defined as specific criteria, which can be taken into account for a particular food to be used for an intended purpose.

    What are the various factors which contribute towards quality of food ?
    The various factors contributing towards quality of food are :

    • Appearance
    • Colour
    • Taste
    • Odour
    • Nutritional value
    • Adulterants
    • Contaminants (Physical, Chemical & Microbiological)
    • Hygiene

    Why is it necessary to analyze and certify food products before or after processing ?
    It is necessary to analyze and certify food products before or after processing :
    To know the quality of raw materials and final products,
    To understand occurrence of any physicochemical changes during processing or storage, and
    To ensure purity, freshness and safety of the food products at the time of consumption.


    What are the quality Norms and Protocols followed for analysis ?Analysis is done as per both National and International Standards with the following major protocols :
    • Bureau of Indian Standards
    • Agricultural Markings
    • Prevention of Food Adulteration Act
    • Fruit Product Order
    • Association of Official Analytical Chemists International
    • American Association of Cereal Chemists
    • American Oil Chemist's Society
    • American Spice Trade Association
    • American Dry Products Institute
    • American Public Health Association
    • SriLanka Standard Institution
    • In-house validated methods and procedures
    • Party's specifications

    What are various parameters evaluated for certifying quality of food ?
    In order to ensure the right quality of various food products, several parameters are evaluated as given below :


    Test parametersMethodology adoptedApplicability



    RefractionSieve testFlour
    Insect infestationVisual observationCereals, pulses
    AdmixtureVisual observationCereals, pulses
    Colour on  scale
    Oil, fat,
    Bellier turbidity temperatureVisualOils
    Optical rotationPolarimeterSugar, Syrup, Oil & fat
    Refractive IndexAbbe RefractometerOil & fat, Sugar syrup
    Scorched particlesScorched particle testerMilk powder
    pHDigital pH meterMost of food products
    Specific gravitySpecific gravity bottleOils, Alcoholic beverages
    Microscopic ExaminationCompound MicroscopeHoney, Starch products
    Water absorption capacityRemi CentrifugeFiber, Protein
    Oil absorption capacityRemi CentrifugeFiber, protein
    Falling NumberFalling Number ApparatusWheat flour
    Elasticity & Extensibility of DoughAlveo-ConsistographWheat flour
    ViscosityHoake viscometer Ostwald viscometer Brookefield viscometerFat & oil, fruit pulp



    MoistureHot air oven 
    Vacuum oven 
    Karl Fischer titer 
    Dean & Stark
    Most of the food products, Animal feeds
    Fat or oilChemicalMost of the food products, Animal feeds
    ProteinChemicalMost of the food products, Animal feeds
    StarchChemicalStarch containing products
    SugarsChemical, HPLCSugar, Beverages, Confectioneries, other food products
    CelluloseSpectrophotometerVegetables, fruits, feed, fiber
    Ethyl alcoholChemicalAlcoholic beverages
    Methyl alcoholGCAlcoholic beverages
    Higher alcoholsSpectrophotometer GC /ChemicalAlcoholic beverages
    EstersGCAlcoholic beverages
    Total nitrogenKjeldahl UnitFood & feed products
    Aldehydes, furfuralsGCAlcoholic drinks & beverages, Honey
    AshMuffle furnaceFood & feed products
    Crude fiberChemicalAnimal feeds, Bakery & Confectionery, Cereals, Pulses, Starch & starchy products
    Dietary fiberEnzymaticFunctional foods, Bakery & Confectionery, Cereals, Pulses
    Soluble fiberChemicalFunctional foods, Bakery & Confectionery, Cereals, Pulses
    Insoluble fiberChemicalFunctional foods, Bakery & Confectionery, Cereals, Pulses
    PectinChemicalFruit & vegetable products
    Amino acid profileHPLCInfant food, Neutraceuticals
    Fatty acid profileGCVegetable oils and fat, egg
    trans-Fatty acidsGC FTIRVegetable oils, Ghee
    Water and oil soluble vitaminsHPLC SpectroflourometerInfants, Herbal drinks, Infant food
    PhytochemicalsTLC HPLCHerbal products, Functional foods
    FlavinoidsTLC SpectrophotometerNeutraceuticals
    AlkaloidsChemicalTobacco products, Tea & Coffee
    Acid insoluble ashChemical 
    Whey protein nitrogen indexChemicalMilk powder
    Phosphatase activitySpectrophotometerMilk and milk powder
    Alpha amylase activityFalling Number / SpectrophotometerCereal flour, Barley, Malt
    b -CaroteneHPLC SpectrophotometerVegetable oils, meat
    MentholGCPan masala, Tobacco products
    TanninSpectrophotometer ChemicalTea, Coffee, Arecanut (Betelnut)
    CaffeineHPLC SpectrophotometerCoffee, Tea, Carbonated beverages
    Cholesterol , Phyto-sterolsHPLC GC SpectrophotometerEgg, ghee, vegetable oils
    Calcium, Magnesium, Sodium, Potassium, Manganese, Zinc, Silver, Gold, etc.AASRaw and processed food products
    Chloride, Fluoride, Cyanide, Iodide, etc.Specific ion analyserProcessed food products
    Arsenic, Mercury, Lead, Copper, Cadmium, Tin, Aluminum, Nickel, Iron, etc.AASFood products, feed, additives, Canned foods



    E. coli, Samonella, S. aureus, Shigella,Campylobacter,Bacillus cereus, Pseudomonas, Clostridium sp.Microbiological methods ELISADairy products, processed food products
    Enterotoxin, Mycotoxins (Alfatoxins, Ochratoxin)HPLC / ELISAPeanuts, Animal feeds, Milk



    ChloramphenicolLC-MS-MSMilk, Honey
    Nitrofurans (Furazolidone, Furatadone, Nitrofurantoin, Nitrofurazone)LC-MS-MSMilk, Honey
    Sulfonamide (Sulfadiazine, Sulfadimethoxine, Sulfadoxine, Sulfamerazine, Sulfanilamide, Sulfamethoxy pyridazine, Sulfathiazol, Trimethoprim)LC-MS-MSMilk, Honey
    StreptomycinLC-MS-MSMilk, Honey
    Tetracycline (Tetracyclin, Oxytetracyclin, Chlortetracyclin, Doxycyclin)LC-MS-MSMilk, Honey
    OxytocinHPLC / RIAMilk
    b -lactumELISAMilk
    SteroidsTLCHerbal products
    Cs-134, Cs-137, I-131, Sr-90, Am-241, Pt-239Alpha, Beta and Gamma CounterMilk powder, Chilly, fruits, vegetables, processed food products
    DioxinsHPLCMilk powder
    Organochlorine compounds (Hexachlorobenzene,Chlorobenzilate , pp-DDT, op-DDT, pp-DDE, pp-DDD, HCH (all isomers), Lindane, Vinclozolin)GC-MSRaw and processed food products, Animal feeds
    Organophosphorus compounds (Coumaphos, Malathion, Phosalone)GC-MSRaw and processed food products, Animal feeds
    Pyrethriod compounds (Cyfluthrin, Cypermethrin, Deltamethrin, Permethrin, Fenvalerate, Fluvalinate)GC-MSRaw and processed food products, Animal feeds
    Carbamates (Carbofuran, Propoxur, carbaryl)GC-MSRaw and processed food products, Animal feeds
    Miscellaneous compounds (Amitraz, Bromopropylate, Chinomethionine)GC-MSRaw and processed food products, Animal feeds
    TBHQ, BHA, BHTHPLC GC-MS SpectrophotometerOil and fat, fat-rich products
    monoglyceridesChemicalProcessed food products
    EmulsifiersChemicalProcessed food products
    Artificial & natural coloursHPLC TLC SpectrophotometerProcessed food products
    Artificial sweeteners (saccharin, aspartame, etc.)HPLCCarbonated beverages, Low calorie products
    Benzoic acid, Sorbic acid, Propionic acidChemicalProcessed food products



    StarchChemical SpectrophotometerMilk
    (Fomaldehyde, hydrogen peroxide)
    HPLC/SpectrophotometerFood products
    ArgemoneTLCMustard oil
    Mineral oil, Animal body fatTLC/FTIRVegetable oil, Ghee, processed food products
    Banned / Non-permitted dyes & coloursHPLC/ LC-MS-MSProcessed food products, Vegetables



    Tin, ChromiumAASTin plate
    Sulphide stainChemicalFood cans
    LaquerPhysical ChemicalTin cans
    Migration testsChemicalFood grade plastics
    Heavy metals like Pb, As, Cd, Se, Ba,AASColoured plastics
    Water vapour permeabilityHumidity chamberPlastics
    Identification of plastic materialsChemical FTIR DSCFood packaging materials
    Physical testsThickness gauge
    Universal testing machine 
    Elmendrof tear tester 
    Dart impact tester
    Plastic packages
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